Inspired by P5YCKONOMIXXX's Jamaican Thunder Cats. I decided to make my own lol, enjoy!

Instrumental : England Town Riddim - Notnice


Kaboom, Everyting get blast off,
Inna space space so wi dance cyaa lock off
Mr chin nah tek no check,
Nuh feel seh true him smile him nah chop rass off
Reggie a him roll green,
and a look a place fi go smoke up di trees
Draw fi di 3star and rise the machines
Send fi di army and run out pon di scheme
Kck a bwoi inna face if him try diss mi team
Rse up dem di fiya
If dem try skin dem teet
Bad up which gal?!
A couldn’t ms pink
Roll wid the flowers so u know she never stink
Bomb up di place like war plan
Jungle gyal a swing on like a tarzan
Lightning fi a gyal weh look like martian
Send her back inna space fi find a marsh man (martian man lol)
Di scheme get hot
Gwan like dem bad
Demi only have chat
Nuff whips we push
So we do road a lot
Creep up like a ninja or a cat
Sword turn inna bird
Not no parrot
When di squad link up
Not no drink up
Can’t come pon wi ends and try fuck things up
Savin the word
Monster get mince up
Megazord dem
More secure dan a brinks truck


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